Candle in Chains

Candle in Chains

By Riccardo Gatti

rich, poor, precious, mass, complex, simple.
Turns an ordinary object into a special product.
Using metal sintering today we can turn a trivial product into a protagonist
A glass, a candle,  simple and ordinary.
A complex decoration, made with an impossible chain, seamless, continuous.
The opposite in a single piece, coloured inside, serious and elegant outside: the centrepiece.

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Opposites, the contrast between an ordinary object and the most extraordinary technology. Working on contrast between a poor object like a candle in a glass and a complex and elegant metal structure.


“Candle in chains” is a decorative centrepiece that employs metal sintering to build a complex mesh with a chain made in a seamless process.
The decoration is generated from a set of individual thin, slender, geometric parts, creating a rich, detailed entire.
The object, that appears ordinary to a casual eye, contains many details that can be appreciated only by a closer attention. The mesh size changes, vertically, between the center and the ends and each chain, flat inside, is slightly pointed outwards, recreating the typical pyramidal shape of the artisan glasses.
The individual links once printed should be able to move slightly to create a random relaxation effect such to make the object always different.

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