SyyS Vessel


By Igor Knezevic

SyyS vessel’s form is a result of digital optimization of base low detail form with metal 3D printing in mind. Attempting to minimize form’s printed volume by optimizing the design pattern while keeping it structurally sound leads to optimal solution.

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This form is about finding a balance between desired “single continuous surface” result and constraints of material and that of digital manufacturing process. But during the iterative process of finding that balance, there is an opportunity to place aesthetic decisions as “seeds” to be processed further.


Symmetry and non-periodic repetition of hollowed out patterns emerge as the solution. Symmetrical form in all axis also means objects can be used in multiple ways on a table top. As a vessel for holding small utensils, toothpicks or as a candlestick, or in upside down position as small vessel from floral arrangements.

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